Rapid response and resolution for your day-to-day technology issues. Whether it’s the blue screen of death, a slow computer or error messages, technical emergencies of all types require quick action to diagnose and treat the problem to keep it from getting worse.


Ensuring a high quality of patient care is the #1 goal, but with constantly changing regulatory compliance and an increasingly targeted industry by cyberthreats it can seem more difficult by the day. Not only do providers need to be able to access EHI when with a patient, but the supporting medical staff must be constantly updating records, submitting billing and arranging schedules. If a PC or laptop or other device fails it will clog the healthcare continuum.

Data can be leaked or lost through a variety of means: from malware to phishing to user-error. In order to have a reliable and secure network, each endpoint (PC, laptop, iPad, or medical device) must be constantly monitored and supported for failing health or external attack.


Healthcare organizations have many different endpoints, mobile devices, and an evolving connection to their network. The best protection for this wide range of devices is one that focuses on user behavior. Keeping software up to date, limiting the types of software installed, monitoring who logs in and having the ability to quickly identify an issue and remediate or patch.


  • Less downtime
  • Fast service
  • On-site support
  • Reduced stress
  • More time for patients
  • Single point of contact

Does your practice need a checkup?

Our diagnostics will help you see where your technology measures up or falls short, and give you the information you need to improve your IT security, efficiency and overall tech health.

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