An effective and affordable option for medical practices that need reliable email service that connects to any device.


Today, data security is simply NOT an option. However, many medical practices neglect to secure email communications leaving them vulnerable to attack. Exchanging patient information by email exposes personal information, medical histories and financial records to hackers seeking to exploit such information.

In addition, HIPAA regulations require medical practices to protect the privacy and security of their patients’ records. Unencrypted email is inherently unsecure; therefore, to remain HIPPA compliant email must be encrypted.


SecureTide spam and virus filters protect inbound and outbound messages, eliminating up to 99% of unwanted email for every client. With the embedded SecureTide spam and virus protection service removes the risk of security problems that can result from just one client opting out of a voluntary email protection service.

In addition, our email service synchronizes all of your smartphones, tablet computers and other devices seamlessly. Improved Outlook Web Access (OWA) adds an additional way to access your email from any computer or device connected to the internet.

Learn more about SupportNet and SecureTide HIPPA compliant email, and try our secure hosted exchange free for 30 days.


  • Email Encryption
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Mobile Device Ready
  • Patient Data Protection
  • Windows and Mac
  • Secure Communications

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