Think you may have been hacked?

If you are the victim of a cyberattack, take a deep breath and contact our security incident response team. We will take immediate action to stop the attack, minimize the damage, and implement a disaster recovery plan to protect your practice.

Frustrated with your EMR/PM/PMS system?

You are not alone! In fact, 67% of healthcare providers are dissatisfied with their EMR system functionality. From installation to technical support, we can help!

Computers running slowly or not turning on?

Technology failures are inconvenient, frustrating, and interfere with patient care. Our point of care protection provides a detailed analysis of the problem and delivers a personalized solution to get you back up and running, fast.

Worried about meeting HIPAA/HITECH regulations?

We understand, navigating regulatory requirements can be complicated and overwhelming. Don’t know where to start? It’s ok… we do! Our network health check ensures your practice is compliant.

Looking for peace of mind while your staff uses the web?

The internet is a dangerous place, yet critically important for clinical workflow. One click is all it takes to unleash a nasty virus or give hackers access to your data. Even the most common sites may be hiding malicious code. Shield your network from hackers with our web protection service.

Concerned your data is not secure?

It’s no secret, data security is a BIG issue in healthcare today. Providers who expose a patient’s information are subject to fines or even prosecution. Therefore, comprehensive data security is critical to the survival and success of your practice. Attack the risk before it attacks you with our Vulnerability Management service.

Need a secure way to access your patient files remotely?

Today, smartphones, tablets and other portable devices are an essential part of providing quality patient care. Therefore, you need to connect to your network from any device, anytime, anywhere. Our Remote Access service helps you get and stay connected, without sacrificing data security.

Wondering if you would pass a HIPAA IT audit?

Simply put, the best way to survive an audit is to be prepared. Our Continuous Monitoring & Reporting uncovers and resolves potential issues before they become a problem, and our comprehensive reporting provides the necessary documentation for audits.

Is your email system reliable and secure?

Healthcare providers rely on email to quickly communicate important information. However, if not properly managed, it can lead to infected machines, system downtime, and potential data breaches. Our HIPAA compliant email service mitigates these risks— allowing you to email without worry.

Could your practice survive a disaster?

Is your data backup and recovery system reliable? Are you sure backups are being completed daily? Are they stored securely? Do you know how to access them if necessary? If you cannot confidently answer YES to all of these questions, check out our Data Backup and Recovery service to ensure you are prepared—just in case the worst should happen.

Are your connected medical devices secure?

Today, medical devices communicate with each other, hospitals, EMR systems, and even a physician’s smartphone. All of these connections make both the devices and your entire network vulnerable to cyber threats. Our Medical Device Connectivity service ensures data transfers are secure and your patient’s records are protected.

Does your practice need a checkup?

Our diagnostics will help you see where your technology measures up or falls short, and give you the information you need to improve your IT security, efficiency and overall tech health.

And, best of all—its 100% free of charge.