A painless diagnostic process that requires no downtime, and includes a free, no obligation report with an overall “health score” to help you see where your practice measures up, or falls short.


According to Ponemon’s 2016 Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data, 90% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach. And, of those organizations, 45% have had more than five data breaches in the last two years alone.

These numbers show it is no longer a matter of if, but when your medical practice will face a cyber threat. Therefore, NOW is the time to diagnose the state of your IT wellness, and get a comprehensive picture of your network performance.


Understanding what is needed, and what is NOT needed when it comes to technology can be difficult. Too many times, doctors and physicians are told they need to buy new servers, upgrade their internet, and refresh their PC’s to remain secure and compliant. Rarely is this the case, and most solution providers fail to provide documented data pulled from the network to support such changes.

We put powerful data in your hands, and it starts with a baseline health check. From real-time visibility to daily, weekly, or monthly reports you can finally see what is happening on your network, understand usability, and feel more comfortable forecasting technology investments.


  • Valuable insight
  • Less downtime
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Peace of mind
  • Expert advice
  • Fewer headaches

Does your practice need a checkup?

Our diagnostics will help you see where your technology measures up or falls short, and give you the information you need to improve your IT security, efficiency and overall tech health.

And, best of all—its 100% free of charge.